Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Free AAA for Teen Drivers

I have started to make a habit of reading the AAA magazine that comes in the mail with our membership to find out about different perks that are available that can help save me money.

This one doesn't affect me now but it will in the future and that time will come way too quickly. I thought I might have some readers that didn't know about this who might be interested in this perk. Any teen drivers with a learning permit can be added on to their parents policy for free. It covers them if they are driving or if they are riding with someone else.
With one little conversation you can let your child know some of the perks that their AAA membership provides them, including lockout service and gas delivery or Towing, just to name a few.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Healthier Choices at Caribou Coffee

The local Caribou Coffee in the Hy-Vee supermarket has a Dietitian that shared this info. This is handy info to help you decided on a beverage with less sugar/fat/calories. Of course the best options are plain tea (iced or hot) and coffee.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

DIY Silhouette Teacher T-Shirts

This is another fun project to do with your silhouette machine, but using heat transfer vinyl instead.

I bought both of the images from the silhouette design store. I know that you can find your own images to use in the silhouette software but I have found that sometimes trying to use something that has mostly a font can be really putsy and takes more time than what it cost to buy the image.

When I bought these images last week there were almost a dozen other images you got free with purchase so I got one free image with each one. If you are looking at it today it might be worth your while to see if those are still there. And in case you didn't know the silhouette design store offers a new image that is free every week. If I remember I tried to log in and get that image in case I want to use it in the future. It's just get stored and my digital silhouette Library.

These were back-to-school gifts that the kids helped make. I admit I did All of the cutting and design work but the kids had to do the ironing. I thought these would be something fun and different that their teachers might not have.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Where Did We Go Wednesday? "Radiator Springs" Seligman, AZ

Such a quirky little town on Route 66. I found out about this town when I was looking up ideas of interesting places in Arizona. It was listed as a fun place to take kids. This town is touted as being the inspiration for radiator springs in the Cars series. We did stop and have dessert at a restaurant there.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Free Passport Photos!

I really wish I would have learned this before I renewed my passport earlier this year, but now I know for when the kids need theirs renewed, which will be the next ones due in our family.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Taking Geocaching to the Next Level

 I was hoping that we would have done some of this earlier this year during the summer when we were out and about but we didn't. I had bought the ammo can to start our own regular cash this summer but we still have it. Still thinking about where we can ask to place it.

Midday do quite a bit of Geocaching here and there this summer and I now am up to 60 found Cash's, which in the grand scheme of Geocaching isn't a whole lot but it's a start and we are ready to continue. I finally decided to break down and buy some travel tags. I bought mine on Amazon because they came shipped free with Prime. They do cost $20 for a pack of four and these are the cheapest ones. There are some special designed ones that cost even more.

I know there are even more trackables out there that I haven't learned much about. We received our first trackable geocoins this summer and I know there are other items as well.

The small containers are to start micro caches. I have registered all of my travel tags and found one fun keychain to put on one of them. It is a keychain I made from pressed wildflowers on a trail up north by our cabin. I think I will call this one flower power

We are excited to start having our own Cashes to track and watch people check into them and follow our trackables.

You can read more about our first Geocaching Adventures and see where we started. Also, as a related thing of a future next level -- some day it might be fun to go to GeoWoodstock. I only stumbled upon it because the geocoin we placed up in Duluth was retrieved by someone who included a link in their post about this event. Sounds fun!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Smithsonian FREE Museum Day is coming up soon!! 9/23/17

We have taken advantage of this opportunity a few times in the past and I have in the back of my head as a possibility for our Girls Weekend, in case of inclement weather and we can't be on the beach, plus who know what Irma is going to do the beaches in Florida (yes, that is where we are heading). There are a TON of museums participating in Florida (85 to be exact!), but if you one of my many readers from MN, there are 26 to choose from here. Or for my readers from WI, there are 14 to choose from.